Friday, October 8, 2010

It's like saying a cow moos!

You never win!

Conversations with Sage are somewhat intellectual, filled with high emotion quotient and humour.  I   enjoy our little banters they simply spice up our day.  It's times like these I feel such pride that my Sage is growing up and making so much sense. :)

Just yesterday, he told me that he completed his English paper and had an hour to spare.  I was concerned that he was rushing through the paper without giving it much thought.

He stared at me and said "mum, its like saying a cow moos!"

Well the reason he said it was ... when in the world did he ever take that long to complete his assignments.  NEVER!  He has a  knack of finishing his assignments of say 50 questions in 15 minutes, and it does feel like he had not been studying at all.  It's just too fast!

Well at least he spent that hour checking his answers for the 5th time.


  1. I love this bantering back and forth with your 'sage.'

  2. Yes Sarah, I love the bantering too. It's our way to communicate and bond. Blessings


Love to hear from you! Blessings always

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