It is Finished

When young I wondered thru and thru,
what life entails and why I'm here.
I looked, I seeked, I cried for meaning!
Was it my GOD I was seaching.

A quarter of my life if I live to be a 100!
I thought I found my meaning,
  the man and love I hungered for. 
Alas it was not to be. 
I found more hurt and shame than 
I ever did for a quarter of my life!

Soon arrived my baby boy and I thought
"here is my meaning and I am blessed".
But alas it was not to be.
I found more tears, pain and lonliness than
I ever did for a quarter of my life!

I looked, I seeked, I cried again
 for meaning in my life.
My God decided it was time!
He came, he sat and held my hands 
for a little while to comfort me.
Alas I found what I had been looking for, 
My true love... in GOD I trust.

My God decided it was time, 
bestowed a lovely angel in my care.
He taught me Love and showed me Strength,  
all which should have been my legacy.

I looked, I seeked but tears no more, 
when I declared "my God, I am giving up"
The man I thought I once had loved and
now I love no more.

My heart was cold and I begged with tears 
that my love, MY GOD would forgive me,
for faith I've lost in the prime of my life.

I looked, I seeked to find life anew,
away from past hurts, tears and fears.
My God decided it was time!
And in my sleep he comforted me
"......walk with me" he said

My life is a circle without a beginning 
and nobody knows where it really ends.
For half of my life,I shall look and I shall seek
  till God calls me home and 
'It is Finished'
                                                                              - Gaia


A common fate we were bestowed
A life with men who had no love
Grieving the loss of our child so young
yet blessed to have another by our side
Our siblings desert us without a care
But our mothers stay forever to care.

Her maternal instincts I have acquired,
Her joy for living ever so inspiring
She made a life though all hope seemed lost
And so will I...
because she did!

 - Gaia

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