Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The First in Biological Warfare

I just wonder what's with kids these days, they would avoid brushing their teeth or bathing if they could.  I had a friend whose 16 year daughter who unashamedly asked her mother if she could skip bathing one day.   She just spent a whole day in school and was sweaty and stinky.  What's more... she's a girl!

My Sage would cheat and not brush his teeth in the morning, then again not sure if he does brush his teeth in the evening when I told him so.  He said what's the point when you are going to dirty it by eating anyway!!!   

One time I caught him .. he said he had brushed but his toothbrush was dry.  Another time, he simply showered his toothbrush as evidence that he had brushed.  Third world nations are not so lucky, they do not even have enough water to drink or wash themselves.  Here we have the luxury of water and soap gels ... why have we taken hygiene for granted?

I asked if he knew how much bacteria would accumulate in his mouth and body if he does not maintain Basic Hygiene.  One should ask the Tyrannosaurus Rex that lived millions of years ago!  They were the first creatures to develop biological warfare... one bite and you're dead from the infection of that bite.  The bacteria in their mouth was so potent.

Was he trying to recreate that long lost weaponry!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chewing has become a chore!

I wrote a post last year about my amazing strong mum.  But this year her health took a turn.  She had this cough for months, seems to be getting better, yet it just lingers.  She is unable to chew and refuses to eat much.  Well that was also one of the critical reasons why I made a choice to cook.  I had to be sure all dishes are boiled or stewed to a mush.  At least she is willing to eat a fistful of mush ... that's better than nothing.  

What's with mums too, she has been taking care of me all my life and here I am providing my 2 cents worth of advice and she refuses to listen.  Now I can understand my cousin's frustration with her sick ailing mum. They just don't listen to their children ... why???   But they will listen to their friends, what's with that.  I've always thought blood was thicker than water!!!

I read in the papers just a week ago, that the elderly are not getting enough nutrition and are not eating enough.  So I will now need to take into consideration her inability to chew into my meal plans (basic balanced meal) and yet cook food she might like to eat (but in mush form ... creative thinking needed here). 

They do get real fussy as they age, wonder what kind of old woman will I turn out to be?  


For a 77 year, she's awfully energetic. She does the  laundry with her bare hands.
Don't know why, we do have this wonderful invention called the 'washing machine' that will get the job done in a spiffy.  And here she is laboring over Delicates AND Non-Delicates.  I could never understand but she claims that machine wash will ruin our clothes.  Colors will run and material will look worn out.

But there is a control button,  'WOOL'??? for Ultra Delicates, isn't there?

I do appreciate her concern to keep our clothes looking NEW, but  hand wash would simply WEAR HER OUT instead.  And NO she does not do my laundry haha, she does my boy's.  She refuses to allow me to wash his tees and shorts, because she knows I would simply dump them into the washer.

My success rate of washing boy's clothes in the machine is 7 times a year, when she's on vacation ... pant pant pant ... and  the rush to get them all washed and ironed before she returns.

Her other form of exercise is walking, not by the beach mind you.  She makes her rounds at the malls, and she could spend hours walking. She is definitely fitter than I'll ever be.

She is enjoying life now, I am glad.  I am grateful to GOD for his blessings of good health.

My mum has cared for us the best way she knew how.  When we were younger, I remember her slaving over the hot stove, laundry for a family of  7(including my aunts and uncle).  There was no washing machine then, you can imagine how exhausting it was.  I started helping with the housework at an early age. Washing the dishes, sweeping and mopping, ironing,  gardening etc.  It helped lessen her burden.

She slogged , slaved for both my brother and I.  She stuck around for us even when her marriage fell apart.

Our needs came first, and HER LIFE took a back seat.

All 50+ years, a future which looked quite bleak.  My mum made a decision, to carve out a life for herself.
Taking it one day at a time, she found new passion in sport(bowling), travels and friends. She made many new friends, and I could not be happier for her.

Are you holding back?  Are you putting your life in the back set for your husband, children, parents, job!!!
Will it be too late when you realize there is more to life and you just ran out of time?

Shall we not make that change and learn to 'LIVE' one day at a time for OURSELVES.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When basic courtesy took a wrong turn!

This is a sight I would quiver to! Each time I see it I would remind my Sage to never do it.


Ok, in this world of equality you would say what is the big deal!

Maybe I am old fashioned at heart. I would still like to have men (or Sage) help carry my groceries  or anything that looks remotely heavy for a lady like myself.
Open the door and not let it slam back into my face or bring me a cup of tea when I feel flustered, or catch me when I veer off the pavement (In this instance I am walking).


Whatever happened to the Gary Cooper's. Jimmy Stewart's , Errol Flynn's (when men were real men... except for Rock Hudson, he was my fave till he blurted that he was gay.

The times long ago when boys were young gentlemen, strong, decent, clean cut, polite and chivalrous. Now practically everywhere I  turn, the guys are so waif-like, not an ounce of muscle. What's more I could not tell if they were guys or gals from the back, sloppy, with poor language skills and crude at most times!

But then again, girls have become a fearsome lot. Feminism getting out of control ... even Sage is afraid of the girls in his class. Crude, rude with high physical dexterity (they'll give you a whack on the head if you ever stepped on their toes).

Though I am game for equality of the sexes ... to be accepted and respected for our place on earth, yet I long for chivalry to live forever. When men would give up their seats in the bus for a lady or elderly or at best not rush with me for the bus.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why back to basics?

You must be wondering why "Back to basics".  Well due to my financial state, I have been educating Sage on accepting and living a "basic" and "simple" life. 

I am making budgeting a priority, though in the past I have had the luxury to pay for cab fares, eat at restaurants, splash on handbags and toys for my boy.  I was making a good living then, with bonuses at the end of the year.  Unfortunately, running my little business, thriftiness is essential. 

I would still love to pamper Sage, yet I had to be selective in where my monies are being spent ... more so on basic necessities.

With age catching up, the second important buy after food is skincare.  Can you believe for the past 40 years I had not used any form of skincare except for a solid bar soap from Sheishido, the cheapest only $15 per bar. Well I am living to regret it now.  Sagging dry skin, eye bags and the list goes on... the basic problems faced by ageing women. 

Meal consumption has been very much reduced to my cooking. It's cheaper that way.  Though a little bland, but perhaps healthier and in larger quantities.  It not worth getting takeouts anymore, as vendors are either reducing quality or quantity. At the end of the day what you paid for is not going to fill your tum tum.  The good thing is ... I am getting into the cook mode and quite thrilled with these basic attempts to feed my boy.

Many have noticed Sage's slimmer silhouette ... he has either sprouted or eating less now!!!!

SO MUCH MORE TO DO!  Thinking and planning to lead a simple life.
Back to basics, back to nature, back to family and loved ones.

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