Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why back to basics?

You must be wondering why "Back to basics".  Well due to my financial state, I have been educating Sage on accepting and living a "basic" and "simple" life. 

I am making budgeting a priority, though in the past I have had the luxury to pay for cab fares, eat at restaurants, splash on handbags and toys for my boy.  I was making a good living then, with bonuses at the end of the year.  Unfortunately, running my little business, thriftiness is essential. 

I would still love to pamper Sage, yet I had to be selective in where my monies are being spent ... more so on basic necessities.

With age catching up, the second important buy after food is skincare.  Can you believe for the past 40 years I had not used any form of skincare except for a solid bar soap from Sheishido, the cheapest only $15 per bar. Well I am living to regret it now.  Sagging dry skin, eye bags and the list goes on... the basic problems faced by ageing women. 

Meal consumption has been very much reduced to my cooking. It's cheaper that way.  Though a little bland, but perhaps healthier and in larger quantities.  It not worth getting takeouts anymore, as vendors are either reducing quality or quantity. At the end of the day what you paid for is not going to fill your tum tum.  The good thing is ... I am getting into the cook mode and quite thrilled with these basic attempts to feed my boy.

Many have noticed Sage's slimmer silhouette ... he has either sprouted or eating less now!!!!

SO MUCH MORE TO DO!  Thinking and planning to lead a simple life.
Back to basics, back to nature, back to family and loved ones.


  1. Great to see you back. You have been missed, hopefully things will get better now.
    Visit Marnie at:

    She has some great money saving ideas, including making your own soap and shampoo. I found her very interesting.
    Loving the new bright new template....hope it reflects your new beginning!
    Big, big hugs to you and Sage.

  2. Welcome back. It is always good to have a budget. I am not good with them, but I hear they are good. :)

  3. i am so glad your back

  4. Dearest Gaia,
    I am so glad you are blogging again! When we left the city, our life changed completely. We are living on very little money, but we're loving simplicity! What I've learned is that we are happier without all that 'stuff' we thought we needed before. Enjoy the journey!

  5. And I remember you! (Significant, because I usually do NOT recall stuff...)

    Back to basics is GOOD, as is your post. Welcome back.

    WARNING: Budget also your time 'blogging' or you will end up like me, who wakes up in mornings, with little keyboard letters imprinted all over my face and head--grin!

  6. Welcome back!! It is always good to hear from old blogger friends again. Love the back to basics. Just bought an antenna and cancelled my cable!


Love to hear from you! Blessings always

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