Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When basic courtesy took a wrong turn!

This is a sight I would quiver to! Each time I see it I would remind my Sage to never do it.


Ok, in this world of equality you would say what is the big deal!

Maybe I am old fashioned at heart. I would still like to have men (or Sage) help carry my groceries  or anything that looks remotely heavy for a lady like myself.
Open the door and not let it slam back into my face or bring me a cup of tea when I feel flustered, or catch me when I veer off the pavement (In this instance I am walking).


Whatever happened to the Gary Cooper's. Jimmy Stewart's , Errol Flynn's (when men were real men... except for Rock Hudson, he was my fave till he blurted that he was gay.

The times long ago when boys were young gentlemen, strong, decent, clean cut, polite and chivalrous. Now practically everywhere I  turn, the guys are so waif-like, not an ounce of muscle. What's more I could not tell if they were guys or gals from the back, sloppy, with poor language skills and crude at most times!

But then again, girls have become a fearsome lot. Feminism getting out of control ... even Sage is afraid of the girls in his class. Crude, rude with high physical dexterity (they'll give you a whack on the head if you ever stepped on their toes).

Though I am game for equality of the sexes ... to be accepted and respected for our place on earth, yet I long for chivalry to live forever. When men would give up their seats in the bus for a lady or elderly or at best not rush with me for the bus.



  1. lol sorry had to chuckle a little, I am the same way lol.
    Carry a womans hand bag is a nono in my book to .
    Thank goodness Jacob sees it as Sooooooooooooooooooo wrong in his eyes also .
    LOL Maybe because when Jeff handed him my purse lol I said oh dont you look puuuuuuuuuuuuuurdy lol, well that put a stop to him even wanting to grab it for me rofl.

  2. Gaia:

    How I wish I had come earlier to congratulate you on the return! Welcome back dearest Gaia. I am so happy that you have arrived again.

    And on this post: I have never seen any man carry a ladies handbag. I would not like my man to do so. Maybe while I am off to the loo, I wouldn't mind him holding the bag but carrying in on the road, is a strict no-no.

    Hope Sage is well and so are you! Glad, in fact very glad to have you back.

    Big hugs and much love always.

    Joy and peace,

  3. I have to agree with you. No handbag carrying. :)

  4. Hummm, if a woman is going out with a handbag, wouldn't she be expected to carry it herself as part of her accessories?

  5. Hi Gaia
    these folk look Asian and it is a very common sight in Japan to see the man carrying the large designer handbag. Often they have their own!

    Happy days

  6. So funny isn't it Renee. It's such an eyesore!

    Susan dear, happy to be back and missed.. Hugs

    Hi Wanda, hope you are well today after the surgery.

    Alice, good question! They pay much for the bags and they do not carry them .... why!

    Delwlyn hi, you are right the asian do carry bags, but I hate it when they carry their wifee's or girlfriend's bag. So girly hee hee.

    Blessings to all

  7. hi visited your site today. Your blog is great! Love this post.

    drop by and visit mine when you have the time :)


  8. Hi Hope, welcome ... do come by more often.
    I will check yours out this evening, at work now. Blessings

  9. I was just talking with my Mum yesterday about this after having to show my partner what a radiator was for and where to put the water *one eyebrow lifted* Admittedly he has always had someone to do this for him but it did lead me to ask... Where are the men?.. you know the ones that bang stuff and build stuff and hold your door open (thank you central locking)... hmmm

    I think these are days gone by now... Anyhoo

  10. You are so funny... I agree with you too... it is just odd for a man to cayry a woman's handbag!

  11. Gaia, it sounds like your little man takes very good care of you! Someday he'll make his wife very happy...but being caught with a purse - Eeks!

  12. Hi Julieanne, exactly ... we need men, or don't we. Looks like we women can do anything we set our minds to.

  13. Hi Denise, thanks for coming by... hope to see you again!

    Deborah Ann, you are right, I keep telling him that too ... his thoughtful ways will make any woman happy ... young or old. And no way is he going to carry his wifee's handbag.

  14. I do agree with your post - guys shouldn't carry the purse, but opening the door is pretty nice!!! :)
    Happy weekend, Gaia!


Love to hear from you! Blessings always

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