It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. ~ Seneca

When will enough be really enough?  Take the mobile phone industry for instance.  Every time a new model appears and you need it for the sake of owning and showing off, there will be no end to it.  What is wrong with the old one you had.  It's still in good working condition is it not?

The part of life we really live is small ... for all the rest of existence is not LIFE but merely time.  They keep themselves busily engaged in order that they may be able to live better; they spend life making ready to live. - Seneca

In the past my world revolved around family, husband and children.  When I suddenly  realised I am no longer a spring chicken. Life was coming to an end. What have I achieved for myself, but merely earn a living to feed the ones I love.

Yes TIME has taken flight but I was stranded at the airport all this while. I was waiting to be ready before I took flight .... but never seemed to be READY!

I am now making a point to teach my son TO LIVE ... TO EXPERIENCE ... TO NEVER TAKE THOSE YOU LOVE FOR GRANTED.

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