Monday, October 25, 2010

Cry Baby Cry!!!

The movie staring Kevin Bacon "Taking Chance" has such an unassuming title. And here I thought it was a movie about  taking chances in life.  I was so wrong.  Adapted from a true story, it relates the events after the death of Chance Russell Phelps.  He died in the Iraq war and he was only 20.

It showed how his body was being transported home and treated with great respect on his journey home ...  frpm the persons at the morgue to the undertakers, the  service staff at the airports, to the man who delivered his body home to his parents. 

Along the way people reacted with sadness and prayers for someone they did not know. 

I cried for the boy who lost his young life ... I cried watching the love and warmth being shared ... I cried when the family had to endure the loss. Sage was sitting next to me and he had never seen me cry this much... he passed me the box of tissues.  He was curious what other movies could make me cry this much.  I just could not remember, but I do remember crying alot.

That night he asked why am I so sensivtive, but I replied that he too was sensitive.  But her corrected me, he said  he was sensitive to what people said about him, whilst I was sensitive to feelings of others.  Oh so that was it.. really I never gave it much thought.  

I do not cry at funerals, but I would break down when I see loved ones and friends hooked up to machines or in great pain.  I would cry when I see others crying.  But not when they are laid to rest ... its a celebration of their life eternal, but when all that is passed, I would miss them dearly and I would cry some more.


  1. Gaia:

    The crying shows how your heart goes out to fellow people. I cry a lot while watching movies, usually when the human spirit is shown as compassionate and strong. I also cry in funerals but that is not for that person but thinking of an assortment of things. We usually cry not because the scene affects us but because we always connect that scene to something that is within us.

    And crying does a lot of good too.

    Gaia, hope your week started off on a lovely note.

    Joy always,

  2. Seem like my heart is deeply touch by the loss of a young person live. I'm a real cry baby. I hate to see people hurting. I guess I've seen enough pain in my life I can really feel for other people pain.

  3. I cry when other people cry, too. It is not you crying for the person who has passed, because they are fine. It is the compassion that you have for the people who are still here. They are grieving and it hits you in the heart. It is their sadness and pain that makes you cry. At least that is how it is for me. Does that relate to your crying at all?

  4. interesting post Gaia. very insightful young man you have.

    enjoyed it very much
    take care

  5. I work with the service men and women, sometimes i have to assist the surviving spouses. heart breaking

  6. I have not heard of this movie - but then again, I only watch DVDs we borrow from the library and they are usually months to years old.
    I would certainly cry watching this one. It's just our way of loving someone - whether we knew them or not.
    Wishing you a very good day, Gaia.
    ~ Zuzu

  7. Gaia~ thank you for leaving a comment on my poem The Mirror.

    I believe the connection with our ancestors goes deeper than just bloodline. Ponder this...could it be that we hold our ancestors within us so we are our ancestors? Does life go full circle?

    have a wonderful day


  8. Sounds like a good movie, touching, I know I would cry. I am a crier. I just can't hold my emotions back.

  9. I wouldn't watch it, it would be just too sad and heart wrenching all the way. Think I mentioned this before I hate sad endings and sad stories about good people.

    Reality can be overwhelming enough on our simple sensitivities.

    Be happy

  10. I have to admit I can be a bit of a cry baby in movies ;) However I can usually hold them back but recently I watched 'Hachi' with Richard Gere and had no chance to hold them back... beautiful movie but definitely have the tissues ready :)

    Many Blessings,


  11. I would cry a little if my love one died. This movie seems great. I'm afraid to watch this movie. I don't want to cry over a sad movies and I just don't like a war story especially a true one. It sad... really sad.


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