Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How best to deviate?

Believe me, I am half a century old, and I have yet to fathom why people enjoy making others feel small.

Perhaps I am slow in learning , with age and  the slow death of millions of brain cells.  But I sincerely enjoy leaning new stuff.. just takes a little longer to absorb. But once I get the hang of it, I am on the roll.

I had encounters through the years, when seeking answers and am always given the brush off.

Loud, abrasive and abusive in the presence of others.  I am usually quiet when provoked cos I do not want to make a scene.

I was enlightened to learn "that when people do act out this way it is because they know little and wants to shut you up, before you ask too many questions that might make them look incompetent and inadequate in their knowledge"

Thus now when such situations arises, I must remember ... "I am better than what they make me out to be!"


  1. I've come across this type of persons at work. People are what they are ...and even among family a different sort ...their sense of themselves being 'all proper' makes them feel superior.

    Conservative minds inspite of the day and age can be overwhelming when I come to realise that some expect me to be bowed and bent low instead of steady, happy and totally oblivious to their expectation of my needing to lament my woes....


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